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  • Universal oil filler kit PC2001

    Universal oil filler kit, with adapters, delveloped for hard-to-reach engines, suitable for: VW, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Toyota, Subaru, Honda, Nissan, Mazda
    Net price: 87.00 € 60.90 €
    Gross price: 110.49 € 77.35 €
    You save: 26.10 €
  • Valve patch, fabric-reinforced 6.04

    Valve patch, fabric-reinforced, for metal valves. Suitable for high-speed vehicles. Able to bear the strain of high speeds. Diameter 105mm.
    Net price: 0.71 € 0.50 €
    Gross price: 0.91 € 0.64 €
    You save: 0.21 €
  • Gumiszerelő gép és kerékkiegyensúlyozó akció GS-03

    Automatic wheel balancer STD-412, Automatic tyre changer 24" U-226A
    Net price: 2 751.76 € 2 339.00 €
    Gross price: 3 494.74 € 2 970.54 €
    You save: 412.76 €
  • VDE safety pliers and screwdriver set, 9pcs VDE-010

    VDE safety pliers and screwdriver set, 9pcs
    Net price: 45.44 € 40.90 €
    Gross price: 57.71 € 51.95 €
    You save: 4.54 €
  • OBDII/EOBD data logger NT100

    OBDII/EOBD data logger for passenger cars, utility trucks and minibuses
    Net price: 48.78 € 43.90 €
    Gross price: 61.96 € 55.76 €
    You save: 4.88 €
  • Timing tool set, Opel, Suzuki MG50310A

    1.3 CDTI/DDIS chain-driven, diesel engines
    Net price: 15.44 € 13.90 €
    Gross price: 19.61 € 17.66 €
    You save: 1.54 €
  • Glow plug puller and reamer set for Mercedes-Benz KA-1331K

    Glow plug puller and reamer set for Mercedes-Benz, sizes: M12X1.25, M10X1, glow plug socket 8, 9, 10mm
    Net price: 64.11 € 60.90 €
    Gross price: 81.42 € 77.35 €
    You save: 3.21 €
  • VAG diagnostic scanner NT500

    For VW, Audi Skoda, Seat vehicles from 1990 on. Sensor live data graphing, special functions, code reading, security access. Oil service light reset, inspection interval setting. Brake calipers opening and closing for brake pad change.
    Net price: 123.05 € 116.90 €
    Gross price: 156.28 € 148.47 €
    You save: 6.15 €
  • Adjustable 3-jaw bearing puller D1010-4

    3-jaw bearing puller, adjustable, rotating. Length 8", clamping capacity 200mm
    Net price: 21.00 € 18.90 €
    Gross price: 26.67 € 24.01 €
    You save: 2.10 €
  • Timing tool set for Opel, Nissan, Dacia, Renault MG50345

    2.2, 2.5 DCI, DTI Renault, 2.2 16V petrol engines
    Net price: 53.58 € 50.90 €
    Gross price: 68.05 € 64.65 €
    You save: 2.68 €

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