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  • Radial tyre patch, 60x90mm 2.31

    Size 60x90mm. For tubeless tyres. For cold, low temperature and hot (up to a 155°C) vulcanization
    Net price: 0.84 € 0.80 €
    Gross price: 1.07 € 1.02 €
    You save: 0.04 €
  • Drive shaft puller set MG50046

    Adapters M16X1.5 Subaru, M20X1.5 VW Beetle, Tuareg, Porsche Cayenne, M22X1.5 BMW E30, M24X1.5 BMW E36, Mercedes W203, M27X1.5 BMW E32, E34, E38, E39, X5, M30X1.5 BMW E32, E36
    Net price: 69.20 € 51.90 €
    Gross price: 87.89 € 65.92 €
    You save: 17.30 €
  • Chain hoist 3t, manual TRC9030

    Chain hoist, manual, capacity 3 tons, double chain, lifting height 3000mm, distance between hooks 470mm
    Net price: 72.53 € 68.90 €
    Gross price: 92.12 € 87.51 €
    You save: 3.63 €
  • Common Rail Diesel (CRD) high pressure test Kit 314650V2

    Allows high pressure pump testing under working conditions, pressure measurement up to 600bar.
    Net price: 441.05 € 419.00 €
    Gross price: 560.14 € 532.13 €
    You save: 22.05 €
  • Talcum powder 10.23

    Talcum powder for tube tyres, 0.5kg
    Net price: 1.33 € 1.20 €
    Gross price: 1.69 € 1.53 €
    You save: 0.13 €
  • Combination patch plug, metal stem, 35/4mm 8.31

    For repair of nail punctures, for diagonal and radial tyres. Size 35mm, diameter 4mm.
    Net price: 0.75 € 0.60 €
    Gross price: 0.96 € 0.77 €
    You save: 0.15 €
  • Injection nozzle socket set MG50604

    25, 27, 28, 29, 30mm Siemens, Bosch, for Peugeot and Citroen 2.0 HDI engines
    Net price: 56.13 € 44.90 €
    Gross price: 71.29 € 57.03 €
    You save: 11.23 €
  • Transmission jack, 500 kg T1604

    Transmission jack, manufactured in Italy, with foot pedal, fixed saddle. Lifting capacity 500 kg, min. height 1140mm, max. height 1990mm
    Net price: 336.25 € 269.00 €
    Gross price: 427.04 € 341.63 €
    You save: 67.25 €
  • Tripod jack stand TRF42008

    can be used for lifting and as a jack stand, lifting capacity 2t, min. height 1745mm, max. height 1950mm
    Net price: 45.16 € 42.90 €
    Gross price: 57.36 € 54.49 €
    You save: 2.26 €
  • Tyre tread depth gauge 10.58

    Tyre tread depth gauge
    Net price: 0.67 € 0.60 €
    Gross price: 0.86 € 0.77 €
    You save: 0.07 €

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