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New products

  • Air Conditioning AC A/C manifold gauge set MG04D1011

    The kit is suitable for filling and checking the car air conditioning system. Use of R-134A AC gases. Low and high pressure side measurement with +/- 2% accuracy. Quick-coupled wires. Low pressure measurement at 0-24 bar, high pressure measurement at 0-3 bar.
    Net price: 41.44 €
    Gross price: 52.63 €
  • Ultrasonic cleaner, 13l, 300W GT SONIC-T13

    The ultrasonic cleaner is recommended for a cleaning where the intact surface is important or washing of unreachable parts.Ultrasonic cleaner's tank capacity 13l (330x300x150mm), power 300W
    Net price: 478.35 € 454.44 €
    Gross price: 607.51 € 577.14 €
    You save: 23.92 €
  • Automatic tyre changer 24" STC-20 400V

    Clamping capacity: outer 10"-22", inner 12"-24", pneumatically tilted column, pneumatic-lock tool head, complete air unit
    Net price: 1 110.53 €
    Gross price: 1 410.38 €
  • Automatic A/C service station, with 12.5kg tank, with printer AC-1853

    Automatic, oil discharge, oil injection, refrigerant recovery, vacuuming, vacuum test, refrigerant recharge, with printer. Refrigerant R1234yf.
    Net price: 2 490.40 € 2 116.84 €
    Gross price: 3 162.81 € 2 688.39 €
    You save: 373.56 €
  • Hand inverter arc welding machine, with coated electrode, 10-130A, Telwin 816079

    Telwin INFINITY 150+ACX, MMA and TIG inverter welding machine, max. welding current 10-130A, 1.6-4mm diode diameter. Applicable for electrode rutile basic, stainless steel, cast iron
    Net price: 178.37 € 142.70 €
    Gross price: 226.53 € 181.23 €
    You save: 35.67 €
  • Helicoil Restoring Thread Repair Wire Insert Set M10x1.5 10pcs MG04J1057

    Repairing the damaged thread can be achieved quickly and easily. Suitable for repairing M10x1.5 threads. The repaired thread will be wear-resistant and durable with the same strength as before.
    Net price: 7.01 €
    Gross price: 8.91 €
  • Automatic wheel balancer, automatic data input SWB-43

    Rim diameter capacity 10"-30", automatic data input (distance, diameter), LED display, control pedal, 5 alu programs, static and dynamic programs, hidden weight program for alloy rims, also suitable for motorcycles with an available adapter
    Net price: 934.51 €
    Gross price: 1 186.83 €
  • Papírtörlő, kék LN-BS800

    Ipari papírtörlő 2db tekercs, kéztörlésre vagy különböző tárgyak felületek megtisztítására. Három rétegű papírtörlő magas szakítóképességének köszönhetően elázva sem foszlik szét. Anyaga kiváló minőségű cellulóz 800 lapos. Puha tapintású, magas nedvszívó
    Net price: 16.22 €
    Gross price: 20.60 €
  • Patch roller/stitcher, plastic head 110.07

    Patch roller/stitcher. Width 40mm, length 150mm
    Net price: 8.29 €
    Gross price: 10.53 €
  • Automatic wheel balancer, 3D display SWB-45

    Upper tier completely automatic wheel balancer, with a 3D display. Several alu programs, automatic braking at weight placement points. Self-diagnostics and calibration.
    Net price: 1 540.51 €
    Gross price: 1 956.45 €