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  • Tyre valve tool MG50905

    Tyre valve tool, chrome-plated
    Net price: 0.44 € 0.40 €
    Gross price: 0.56 € 0.51 €
    You save: 0.04 €
  • Air hose, polyurethane, 16x12mm, 50m US98A1612-50M

    Air hose, polyurethane, 16x12mm, 50m, hose outer diameter 16mm, hose inner diameter 12mm, 9bar air pressure, max. air pressure 27bar
    Net price: 88.90 € 64.90 €
    Gross price: 112.91 € 82.43 €
    You save: 24.00 €
  • Air freshener for cars with Mediterrranian fruit scent CB-AM-F

    air freshening for 60 days with controllable intensity
    Net price: 2.24 € 1.90 €
    Gross price: 2.85 € 2.42 €
    You save: 0.34 €
  • AC, DC converter 829440

    In-car power inverter, converts 12V DC to AC. For connecting different 230V appliances. Can be used in passenger cars, buses, trucks, on ships with a cigarette lighter socket.
    Net price: 27.93 € 22.90 €
    Gross price: 35.48 € 29.09 €
    You save: 5.03 €
  • Clip-on balancing weights for truck wheels, 350g, for steel rims TT-35010

    Clip-on balancing weights for truck wheels, 350g, 10 pcs/package
    Net price: 16.75 € 12.90 €
    Gross price: 21.28 € 16.39 €
    You save: 3.85 €
  • XADO 1 Stage Maximum Atomic Metal Conditioner XA42212

    XADO 1 Stage Maximum Atomic Metal Conditioner is a revolutionary three stage engine treatment that rebuilds metal, reduces friction, and lubricates engine parts.
    Net price: 34.63 € 32.90 €
    Gross price: 43.99 € 41.79 €
    You save: 1.73 €
  • Car battery charger, jump starter, 12V, 24V, 1-6.4kW 829381

    For 12V and 24V batteries, for charging passenger car, van and light truck lead acid batteries and jump starting. Charging current max. 30A, nominal starting current 180A
    Net price: 172.90 €
    Gross price: 219.59 €
  • Fluid cleaner and exchanger for automatic transmission ATF EASY 02.023.20

    Computerized gear cleaner and oil changer. Graphical display 260x64. User-friendly software with icons, software in 22 languages. Connectors and hoses for European and Asian vehicles.
    Net price: 2 799.00 €
    Gross price: 3 554.73 €
  • Ozone generator, 0.5g/h 01.000.143

    Provides non-hazardous, chemical-free sanitizing. Suitable for: sanitation treatment, allergy relieve, odor removal. Application : for air conditioner, drape, also for residential or industrial buildings
    Net price: 309.00 €
    Gross price: 392.43 €
  • Dent puller tab set, 18pcs KA-9042K-C18

    Dent puller tab set, 18pcs (different forms, sizes), sizes: 39.68mm 2pcs, 34.78mm 2pcs, 31.3mm 2pcs, 31.78X47mm 2pcs, 27.82X39.84mm 2pcs, 21.84X32.88 2pcs, 24.64mm 2pcs, 20mm 2pcs, 15mm 2pcs
    Net price: 37.38 € 29.90 €
    Gross price: 47.48 € 37.98 €
    You save: 7.48 €


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