Terms and Conditions

If you are a customer or active user in our webshop, please read carefully the general terms and conditions, and only use our services if you agree with every point. This document contains the legal conditions of purchase via our webshop. By confirming your order you accept our terms and conditions so please read carefully before completing your purchase! If you have any questions about the work of our online shop, orders, and deliveries not answered herein, please contact our customer service!


Company data (Seller)

Lincos Kft (Lincos sole owner of the brand)

4002 Debrecen, Balmazújvárosi út 10

VAT number: 13348108-2-09, HU13348108

Phone: +36-52-319-107, +36 52 521 078, +36 30 442 7731

Fax: +36-52-319-107

E-mail: debrecen (at) lincos.hu

Web: www.lincos.eu, www.lincos.at, www.lincos.si, www.lincos.co.uk


Validity of Conditions

The conditions apply to all products in the web shop of www.lincos.eu. The properties, characteristics and pictures of the products are displayed on the product pages. The colour of the delivered product may differ in some cases from the picture on the product page. During the administration of the web shop we try to eliminate all colour differences. The colour of the product does not affect the quality.


The buyer

The person who purchases the services of the online shop of the seller, that is registered on the website of the seller’s webshop and has completed an order on this site. A person is also qualified as a buyer when the order is submitted without registration by phone, e-mail or fax is, or the purchase is done in our shops personally.


Order procedure

The selected product can be ordered via our website, telephone, fax or e-mail.


Prices, Discounts

Prices are indicated both incl. and excl. VAT.

Customers from the EU with a valid VAT ID-number and customers from outside the EU will be issued a 0% VAT invoice.

The offer price is valid only for the given moment, and becomes final only, if you follow the steps in the correct order and complete your order. Final price of the product and of the delivery services will be indicated when completing your order form, as well as in the order confirmation e-mail.

Final prices may only be changed with mutual consent. If the order is to be modified or combined with another order for any reason, delivery charges will be calculated based on the prices valid in the moment of the modification.

Discounts are valid until the indicated date or until stock lasts.

The prices displayed are linked to the forint exchange rate, and may change daily.


Payment Options

When purchasing in our store, you can pay directly with cash.

When purchasing online:

Cash-on-delivery: if the single packets in your order do not exceed 70 kg, you can pay the courier with cash when your order is delivered.


Paypal: after you complete your order in the webshop, you will be sent an e-mail with a request for payment through PayPal. Please note, that you will NOT be automatically redirected to the PayPal payment gate.


Bank transfer: after you complete your order in the webshop, you will be sent an invoice – not to be confused with the order confirmation, which is generated automatically..



Our company ships orders with Trans-o-flex and UPS shipping companies. Your order will be processed on the same day if it arrives before 12:00 a.m. in our system.

In case of prepayment via bank transfer and PayPal, orders are dispatched after the payment arrives.

Delivery times may differ according to the selected delivery option (e.g. UPS Standard vs. UPS Express).

Our inventory is constantly changing, so it is possible that a product that is still in the shop is no longer in stock, and we can not, or only partially fulfil the order. Of course we will notify you in such a case by e-mail or telephone and discuss the options.

For courier deliveries, please provide your (mobile) phone number so that in case of unsuccessful delivery the courier can arrange an another delivery time with you. In case of unsuccessful delivery, it may happen that the next delivery attempt will not the carried out the next working day, but at the time agreed with the courier.


Caution! Please check the condition of the product upon delivery, if the product is damaged, please record this with the courier. Without a protocol, we can not replace damaged goods.


Shipping costs

Shipping is calculated based on weight. Please find the shipping costs tables here: http://www.lincos.eu/en/delivery.

When viewing the shipping costs tables, please make sure you have selected the correct country.


Unsuccessful delivery

In case of unsuccessful delivery of the parcel courier attempts a second delivery without additional expenses. If the second attempt is also unsuccessful, all further delivery charges shall be borne by the buyer.


Damaged package

Please check the package when it is delivered before the courier. If you see any damage to the box that indicates damage to the product, please do not sign for the packet and fill out a protocol with the courier. If after opening the package in the presence of the courier, it becomes clear that the product is damaged, and the damage was done before delivery, we offer an 8-day exchange warranty. In such a case, you can prove your case with the protocol filled out in the presence of the courier. Without the protocol we can not exchange the goods, If you notice any damage, promptly contact our customer service at debrecen (at) lincos. hu e-mail address or +36/52-319 -107 telephone / fax number.


Revoke an order

Every customer has the right to revoke his order in 8 business days with the following conditions:

The right of withdrawal applies to all products that are returned in the original packaging. The withdrawal claim must be submitted in writing via debrecen(at) lincos.hu e-mail address or fax number 52/319-107.

The price of the goods will be refunded within 30 days. The refund is only possible after the return of the product. The product must be returned with the original guarantee certificate and proof of purchase. Delivery charges are NOT subject to refund. If the delivery was free of charge, the buyer must adhere to shipping costs calculated by package weight.


If the buyer does not return a used product scratch- and damage-free, the seller can not offer a refund and will send the product back at the buyer’s expense.



We offer a 1 year warranty on our products. The warranty has to be realized with the copy of the receipt and the original warranty card. For products without warranty proof of purchase or a copy of this serves as a guarantee certificate. Unauthorized changes to the products or misuse result in the immediate loss of warranty.


Warranty Management

If a product purchased in our store fails within the warranty period, please contact us immediately!

You can return the product personally to our warehouse or send it with courier. The delivery costs must be borne by the buyer. For submitting a product warranty by mail or courier, we can not accept postal or delivery charges.

In case of a warranty claim, the product should, if possible, be submitted in original packaging, delivered cleaned, with original accessories, for a possible exchange. For delivery by mail or courier, it is important, to include an error description and a phone number where you can be reached during the day, in addition to the necessary paperwork. Please package the product well, if you send it by mail or courier service, as the seller is not liable for damage that could occur during transportation.

We accept all warranty claims. We check all delivered products for a possibility of repair or the entitlement to a replacement. Damage arising from misuse or unauthorized changes or modifications, and costs caused by it shall be borne by the persons responsible!


Responsibility Statement

The seller bears no responsibility for harm that comes from external intrusion on the pages of the webshop, or for any loss resulting from the seller indebted delays in information-forwarding, Computer Virus detection, line or system failure. The operation of products that were purchased on the basis of information contained in the web shop is the responsibility the buyer. We are not responsible for loss or damage arising from non-compliant according to use.


Privacy Policy

We will ask customers for some data that is strictly necessary for receiving an order, the execution of a purchase, issuing an invoice, delivery, and warranty agreement. The data sent to us will be used only by Lincos Kft. The user agrees that Lincos Kft manages , uses and stores their private data for the purposes indicated above.


Copyright notice

The images and text materials on this website, as well as their position are the property of Lincos Kft. Complete or partial copying the images and text materials is prohibited. Any use is possible only with written consent of the owner. Our website contains images and text materials that we received from our suppliers, for which we have received permission to do so. The Lincos brand, which is available on the website, is owned exclusively by Lincos Kft. We have to point out that Lincos Kft will defend its rights, if necessarily, with legal means.