Ultrasonic cleaner, 27l, 500W GT SONIC-T27

Ultrasonic cleaner, 27l, 500W GT SONIC-T27Ultrasonic cleaner, 27l, 500W-1  GT SONIC-T27Ultrasonic cleaner, 27l, 500W-2  GT SONIC-T27

Ultrasonic cleaner recommended for cleaning devices with large size. Applicable on fileds, where the damage of surface is to be avoided, or if we don't want to dissamble the workpiece to wash the internal parts. Ultrasonic cleaner's tank capacity 27l Product Description »

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What is an ultrasonic cleaner?

  • The ultrasonic cleaner generates microscopic bubbles, agitating fluid by sonic waves. The fluid, and with it, the bubbles, has to be circulated, so that it can stream through all parts of the cleaned object. The bubbles collapse on contact with the surface of the cleaned object, the resulting energy dislodges the contaminants. The bubbles are small enough to penetrate the smallest cracks and openings. Heating of the fluid increases its effectivity. The cleaner has a heating mode that can be set manually from 0 to 80°C. The cleaning process has two settings: 100% active and 60% mild cleaning. The cleaner does not require the use of a special solution, plain water is perfectly suitable. There are several substances that reduce the water surface tension. During the cleaning process the damage to the cleaned part is not possible, its chemical composition does not change. If no cleaning agents are used, the cleaning is completely chemical-free.

Application of ultrasonic cleaner?

  • The cleaner can be used to remove all organic or non-organic contaminants, oils, fungi, dust, fats (plant, animal or artificial). The cleaned part does not have to be taken apart, if the fluid can stream through it. Suitable for application in the automotive industry, for cleaning of electronic parts, jewelry, for use in medicine, laboratories. The ultrasonic cleaner is suitable to clean metal, glass, plastic, rubber or ceramic
  • We can set timer and heating on LED display of ultrasonic cleaner
  • Ultrasonic cleaner with transducer high performance for more efficiency
  • Operable in two modes, gentle and intensive

Ultrasonic cleaner's technical data


SUS304 stainless steel

Timer settings

0-30 minutes





Tank capacity


Tank size


Heating capacity


Ultrasonic cleaners
15 kg